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Chris Celeste
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So, unfortunately, as Ken stated, it is very restrictive. If you did not budget the full levy amount, then you will not be reimbursed any more than your FY18 baseline.

Here is the relevant language from the state budget:

(2) For fiscal year 2023, each city, town, and fire district shall receive a reimbursement
equal to the amount it received in fiscal year 2017 plus its FY 2018 baseline amount (“FY 2023
reimbursement amount”). A city, town, or fire district is entitled to receive additional
reimbursement in fiscal year 2023 as follows:
(i) If the department of revenue certifies that a city, town, or fire district’s budgeted motor
vehicle levy for the assessment date of December 31, 2021 is in excess of its FY 2023
reimbursement amount, the city, town, or fire district shall be reimbursed the difference between
such motor vehicle levy and its FY2023 reimbursement amount.