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Ken Swain
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Charlestown would like this data to continue.


I see where H7123 repealed 44-34-1, but it does not include 44-34-2 and 44-34-3, so is the State still required to send us the MV Data and is each community still required to include the assessed value on all future Certification Reports, but with a zero tax rate?

44-34-2 …the tax assessors of each city and town shall assess and levy in each calendar year on every vehicle and trailer registered under chapter 3 of title 31…

44-34-3 …shall make a list containing the value of every vehicle and trailer in the city or town which is subject to the provisions of § 44-34-2, the values to be at the average retail price as determined under § 44-34-2 or at a uniform percentage of these, not to exceed one hundred percent (100%), to be determined by the assessors in each city or town…