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Chris Celeste
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Good Question, Ken.
It appears they have not updated the web with the new statutes yet. I’m just guessing here, but they may need to keep those statutes in place because of East Providence. The language in the budget article regarding elimination of excise is:
(1) The motor vehicle and trailer excise tax established by § 44-34-1 shall be repealed
effective July 1, 2022. For fiscal year 2023 and thereafter, no tax shall be levied.

So, 44-34-1 is just the definition, they probably should have struck the entire chapter, including the state reporting, the appeal procedure, the VVC, etc. Maybe next session…

In the meantime, I can’t imagine DOR requiring assessment data for items that are not taxed and do not affect the reimbursement. I expect the municipals to push against this. Plus the fact that any modern implementation of RI tax software will no longer have MV tax functionality.

Anyone else have ideas on this?