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Ken Swain
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Just a few questions to understand your issue:
44-27-3(a) requires DEM to classify Farms in the FFOS program.
1) Is this 17acre farm one parcel or multiple parcels?
2) If multiple parcels, does each parcel have its own DEM Farm FFOS certificate? OR
3) Did DEM approve the 17 acres based on cumulative acreage farm?

From your explanation, this applies to this property

§ 44-27-3(a) An owner of land may file a written application with the director of environmental management, for its designation by the director as farmland or as dairy farmland.

Please confirm that these annual FFOS declarations/certifications are current on the entire 17acre farm
§ 44-27-3(2) In order to maintain this classification, each year thereafter, the property owner shall submit to the assessor a certificate on a form prescribed by the assessor confirming that the land is still used in farming or dairy farming.

Does this 17acre farm meet any of these criteria?

§ 44-27-3(3) Notwithstanding the preceding subsections, whenever the owner of land designated and classified as farmland or dairy farmland is a municipal land trust, municipal conservation commission, or private nonprofit land trust, annual certification is not required, and the classification continues until the voluntary withdrawal of the classification by the owner, or the transfer of the land by the owner in fee simple.