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Ken Swain
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Hello Deb:

First, I am using VISION v8 CAMA

I have 9 Habitat for Humanity properties in Charlestown. I create two property records for each property.

One property record is for land only, assessed to Habitat, I add a unit letter “A” to this Map/Lot number to identify it as being associated to the parcel with the main house.

The second property is assessed to the house owner, with all construction details. I code this property as “Building on Leased Land”.

I then insert the actual sale price in the Override Assessed Bldg field on the DEPRECIATION screen. I then add a note on the BUILDING NOTES screen, identifying the building override.

My reasoning for this process, is to be able to create a report to capture the override with the building only land use code – to identify these as Habitat5 for Humanity housing, as they count toward the Town’s affordable housing stock.