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  • Jen Mooney
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    Good Morning.
    Please see the email below from NBC 10. Has anyone else got this? Not sure how to handle this. Should they be filling out a APRA request? Is this public information?
    Any insight or suggestions would be great!!

    Hi Jennifer,
    I’d like to request the number of property revaluation appeals after the most recent property reassessments, along with the number of appeals granted, denied and pending.
    Any questions, feel free to email me back or contact me at the number below.
    Tamara Sacharczyk
    NBC 10 WJAR

    Chris Celeste
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    I got the same email. It looked like a phish so I called the number, got VM. Then I emailed back and asked her to call me, which she did and I gave her the info verbally once I confirmed it wasn’t a phish email.

    Either way, If you feel better about sending her through the APRA process then go that route.

    David Robert
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    It is public record.

    Robert Burns
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    Our policy in Pawtucket is to refer any questions from reporters to the administration. They will advise us as to whether we should answer verbally, in writing or have them file an APRA request.

    Brenda Keeble
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    We have not received one, but I did ask the Clerk’s Office and she stated any request made like this should be sent to Town Administrator.
    She said she has not received any APRA requests

    Karen Beattie
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    I got the same request. It is a legitimate request and could be handled under your town Request for Public Information policy.

    Kristopher Leadem
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    I have not received this question.
    If I receive this request I would provide the information and would not require an APRA request.

    Christine Brochu
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    I received the same email. Glad it wasn’t specific to Jamestown! My administrator said I could just reply if I have the info available. If they were asking for specific property info then it will go through the clerk’s office as a public request.

    Chelsea Romano
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    Haven’t received one yet, but thanks for the heads up!

    Denise Cosgrove
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    I have not received this yet. Good question, thank you.

    Katelyn Monacchio
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    I have not received this yet but good to know it’s going around. Thank you !

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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