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  • Kristopher Leadem
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    I have been getting some pushback from a company called Ecogy. They have a Commercial Solar System that sits on a property that happens to be zoned Manufacturing.
    Their interpretation of the rules and state law is that solar projects located in a manufacturing zone are exempt. The power is being sold and they have an interconnection agreement in place. Not used to power the building onsite. Building use is leased office space and studios.
    Anyone else have projects owned by Ecogy?
    I have no intention to change my view and interpretation of the rules and law and already billed them based on the OER formula.

    Just seeing if anyone has similar situation.

    Chris Celeste
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    I’ve never had to deal with that particular company, but I find most of the renewable energy companies have a real hard time with the fact that they need to pay tax.

    Charlene G Randall
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    I have not dealt with them yet either. I have been in touch with Ernie Almonte in regards to a sit down with assessors regarding the new solar legislation and the possibility of an adjustment upwards from the $5 being introduced next year.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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