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  • Kerri Petrarca
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    I received a request for public records, and a resident requested copies of several years of FFOS renewal applications for a property they do not own. I have emailed my Solicitor for an official opinion. However, I was wondering if you would consider this information public?

    Also, if you have a family sale would you notify the DEM Director for title changes, as required by RI 44-27-9.

    Thank you,

    Jessica Parker
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    According to the Document Retention Schedule LG3.1.8(a), annual returns are only required to be kept for 1 year. If we were to get the records request, we would be denying it because we do not have the records to satisfy their request based on the retention schedule.

    Christine Brochu
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    i would consider the application and annual returns for ffos as public records. I would ask the applicant to update with DEM and have owner or state send me the name change info.

    Carmen LaBelle
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    I update DEM for a family sale. I’m interested in what your solicitor thinks about the request for renewals. Strange request.

    Denise Cosgrove
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    FFOS renewals are annually and only last one is required to be on file.
    In LC, I notify any and all changes to the program.

    Kerri Petrarca
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    The response from my solicitor was, “I do not see any reason to with-hold such applications. However, if there is any highly sensitive personal information as to the applicant (potentially such as SS numbers) the response might be subject to redactions”

    My Renewals do not have any sensitive information.

    As far as changes in ownership, 44-27-9 states:

    (c) For the purposes of this section, transfer of ownership of land from an individual to a corporation wholly owned by that individual and/or his or her immediate family is not considered a change of ownership of the land.

    David Robert
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    I would consider it public and as your solicitor mentioned, redact any sensitive info. You would be hard-pressed to find anything not subject to public request. Only personal/financial info is restricted, pretty much everything else, no matter how strange the request may be, is public record.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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