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  • Deb Garneau
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    How do you handle these properties? I have 12 that are all coded 1021 Residential leased land with the land being exempt and the buildings all have random external obsolescence applied lowering the assessed values. However, the values are all still higher than the “restricted selling price”.

    Should the values be adjusted to the “sales prices paid” as they are restricted to that selling price? Should this be done with an “override” or with an obsolescence?

    I then have one property where the house and land is owned by Habitat but they get a bill for the house, thereby confusing me even more….

    I have an appeal on one of them which lead me down this road so I am trying to clean these up so there is a uniform methodology applied as clearly there is none now.

    Karen Beattie
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    I don’t have any “Habitat for Humanity” projects in Scituate, sorry I can’t help from experience. If you have to limit value to sales price, check if your system lets you enter an override value without doing it through obsolescence. That way the value will remain until you change it and you won’t have to adjust obsolescence from reval to reval.

    Tiana Zartman
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    We have a couple (one with land and one dwelling, one with land and a duplex). The land is assessed and taxed to Habitat for Humanity, and the buildings are taxed to the residents. We use an economic obsolescence on the dwellings to decrease the assessed value. There are no adjustments to the land, and are currently billed at a regular house-site value.

    We have the land coded for standard residential, and the use for the dwelling is residential building/leased land.

    Hope this helps!

    Charlene G Randall
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    None in WG.

    Ken Swain
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    Hello Deb:

    First, I am using VISION v8 CAMA

    I have 9 Habitat for Humanity properties in Charlestown. I create two property records for each property.

    One property record is for land only, assessed to Habitat, I add a unit letter “A” to this Map/Lot number to identify it as being associated to the parcel with the main house.

    The second property is assessed to the house owner, with all construction details. I code this property as “Building on Leased Land”.

    I then insert the actual sale price in the Override Assessed Bldg field on the DEPRECIATION screen. I then add a note on the BUILDING NOTES screen, identifying the building override.

    My reasoning for this process, is to be able to create a report to capture the override with the building only land use code – to identify these as Habitat5 for Humanity housing, as they count toward the Town’s affordable housing stock.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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