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    Regarding the MV file, I have over 5,000 vehicles which are pricing out higher than last year. Is anyone else experiencing this and how are you fixing the issue? I have Munis but would like to know if Vision is fixing the issue since it is a state law compliance problem and how they are doing it if any communities are having the same issue as I am.

    My tax rate last year was $22.04 so the small difference combined with the several thousand dollar increase in value on these cars from last year to this year is creating this problem. I have run several scenarios with lowering our rate from $20.00 but even as low as $16.50 still leaves over 1200 vehicles. If I create and apply an “exemption” to the 5000 vehicles, it is going to take over 500 man hours, which is crazy.

    Any input or suggestions is greatly appreciated

    Chris Celeste
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    Vision made a script for those who wanted to use it. I used it and it worked for me.

    MUNIS should do it for you. It’s my understanding their contract requires them to implement any and all state law.

    However, now that we’re in the forum, I will point out that MUNIS/Tyler’s customer service is less than awful. But, if you make enough noise and keep going up the chain, they will ultimately get the job done. Good luck.

    Deb Garneau
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    Thanks Chris,

    For those who use Munis, I have a great technician at Tyler. He is up the food chain a little and more experienced than anyone else I have had assigned to fix an issue. His name is Matthius White and his direct extension is 6023. He has helped me fix numerous issues from helping me create a split rate and code my classes correctly. He will get “development” involved if he can’t fix the issue to fixing a quirky issue with an individual parcel. He just doesn’t fix the issue, he instructs me on what to look for if it occurs again.

    Chelsea, I will let you know how I make out with Munis.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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