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  • Christine Brochu
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    Since Juneteenth became a Federal Holiday last year, just curious, how many Town / City Halls will be open or closed? In Jamestown, per the union contract, which is all the clerks (no department heads) has all Federal Holidays off. So department heads are to show up and work on Monday but the union employees have it off. How is your town handling it?

    Chris Celeste
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    It is my understanding that Smithfield Town Hall will be open and all staff are coming in.

    Kenneth Mallette
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    Rhode Island has not recognized this yet. So we are open and Full Staff is reporting. It is recognized by one of our unions but that contract takes effect July 1 so they will have the holiday next year.

    Salvatore Saccoccio
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    West Warwick does not have a day off

    Karen Beattie
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    Scituate will be open on Juneteenth, as it is not a state holiday.

    Chelsea Romano
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    East Greenwich will be open

    Charlene G Randall
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    West Greenwich will be open.

    Erin Jacobs
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    Narragansett will be open as well.

    Deb Garneau
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    North Kingstown will be open.

    Kristopher Leadem
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    Warren does not have the day off.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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