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  • Carmen LaBelle
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    Any towns still merge contiguous non conforming lots – when the ownership is the same? What is usually recorded in land evidence?
    How is this tracked?

    Chris Celeste
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    I find this to vary from town to town. Talk to the planner or zoning officer and see how they want it to be done.

    Carmen LaBelle
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    Did! They’re checking with solicitor.

    Robert Burns
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    We do. In fact we have a form that the property owner fills out requesting the lot merge. One lot, one bill. We also did a project where we merged undersized lots to save money on a revaluation. Must have done hundreds of lots.

    Ken Swain
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    Charlestown –

    The Assessor’s office works closely with the Building/Zoning office to locate and merge these parcels by operation of Zoning Law.

    When identified, the assessment of the servient parcel is set at a minimal excess land value.

    These parcels are identified on out GIS maps as being “Z’d” together, and the letter “M” is placed on the shared parcel line.

    If merged parcels are found by the owner requesting a Zoning Certificate, then the zoning certificate is recorded in Land Evidence.

    Salvatore Saccoccio
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    check with your planner, usually in order to add a lot, delete a lot or change a lot line requires some type of subdivision on record in land evidence

    Christine Brochu
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    Jamestown – we have a merger clause in our ordinance book. Many lots were merged years ago. Keeping good notes and old files is very helpful. Taxpayers were notified of the merge. Letters kept on file. I encourage taxpayers to get a survey completed and record it at town hall so the chain of title is easy to follow.

    Deb Garneau
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    We have a Lot Combination form that a homeowner can fill out requesting these types of lots be merged. The document is signed off by the Town Planner and Collections and then recorded. Once recorded, I go ahead with the combination

    Kristopher Leadem
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    Warren created an ordinance in 2006 to do just this. property owners had the ability to refuse the merger. Nothing was recorded in land evidence. Notes were put in CAMA and Title cards reflect the merger and closed lots, tax maps were adjusted and a book of mergers was created.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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