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  • Carmen LaBelle
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    Just wondering what other Vision towns do when the VGSI website is updated?
    Do you just update ownership or all aspects of the property – zoning, construction detail, sketch….
    Thank you!

    Deb Garneau
    Post count: 17

    In NK ownership is updated weekly, values and other aspects of the property card are updated annually after the tax roll is locked.

    Ken Swain
    Post count: 10

    In Charlestown, I typically update all property information nightly.

    However, during a Reval, when data entry and value setting is in progress I only update Ownership information nightly.

    I also limit the nightly updates during my annual data entry of building permit construction data, typically November and December – then back to a full nighty update.

    Each time I want to change from full data update to ownership only I have to call VISION Customer Support for them to adjust this function.

    Many years ago when I used VISION CAMA v6.5 I was able to adjust this process through a SQL script, but now that I use the cloud-based version of CAMA v8, I must call customer support. Hopefully someday in the future, the software will bring back this old feature.

    Chris Celeste
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    Smithfield updates ownership nightly, and a full update just before billing.
    During reval, we update prior to impact notices also.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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